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Product Review – The Week Junior

June 29, 2018, 11:47 GMT+1
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  • A multi award-winning current affairs magazine for 8- to 14-year-olds
Product Review – The Week Junior

How do you get children engaged and excited about news and current affairs?

Well, you wouldn’t go far wrong by plonking a copy of The Week Junior in their hands, safe in the knowledge that you’ve given them something creative, meaty, intelligent and trustworthy.

The BBC’s founding mission to “educate, inform and entertain” could equally apply to The Week Junior, as it does all three with style.

In many ways the magazine reminds me of the glorious Children’s Newspaper, founded by Arthur Mee in 1919, which was seen as ‘giving our boys and girls a faithful record of what is happening in the world, and a true conception of the things that matter week by week.’

That publication ran for 46 years, and I see no reason why The Week Junior shouldn’t top that, given the high calibre of its journalism and impressive production values.

It’s a fascinating magazine, bursting with features, hot-off-the-press news and various fascinating snippets dotted throughout. It serves up a brilliant mix of content, with plenty for children to get absorbed in.

Said features include reportage from around the world and photos of the week, alongside the week’s big headlines, screen listings and the latest science, technology and sporting news.

There’s also a weekly quiz, fun puzzles, a regular ‘book club’ item and more besides.

The Week Junior is perfectly suited to media literacy lessons and news clubs, and its content can be readily adapted into thoughtful assemblies and homework activities.

It can be used to support subjects across the curriculum and offers a superb way of enhancing, enriching and extending literacy content.

As a magazine, it succeeds in speaking to children at their level and presenting a wide range of material without being condescending or alienating. It presents itself as a fun, yet serious-minded and purposeful magazine that can excite and intrigue.

What I like about The Week Junior is that it’s able to see current affairs from a child’s perspective and aims to keep its young readers in the loop about what’s going on in the world.

It’s packed with content and packs a punch. It’s a weekly treat that keeps on giving, with something amazing on every page.

At a glance

  • An uplifting, astute and colourful weekly magazine for children
  • A positive, responsible and reliable source of news and information
  • Subjects range from space science and endangered species to fashion and football
  • A great mix of content, accompanied by amazing photographs


  • Sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible and engaging
  • Optimistic, ambitious and pulsating with life
  • Delights and inspires imaginations with its colour and energy
  • Promotes independent reading and encourages an interest in current affairs
  • Readers are guaranteed to learn lots, and will keep going back for more

Subscribe if…

You’re looking for an informative, educational and entertaining magazine that can fuel children’s media literacy, while supporting their knowledge and understanding of current affairs and news events.

Subscription prices start from £54; additional online resources are also available. Call 0330 333 9494 or visit

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